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Centre for Healing, Education and Contemplative Arts

Wild Wisdom Integral is for you if you are seeking life enrichment and personal development through counseling or psychotherapy, meditation and embodiment practices.

Wild Wisdom Integral uses an eclectic blend of clinical, contemplative, and experiential practices based on the Integral Framework; a comprehensive map of human development.

These transformative experiences lead to clarity of mind, fuller emotional and physical embodiment, and more authentic and meaningful relationships.

Wild is simply that which is in a natural state, unconditioned, untamed; certainly not to be confused with crazy.

Wisdom is clarity of mind and heart conjoined with our unconditioned essential being expressed developmentally through our human form.

Integral recognizes the significance of the parts to the completeness of the whole.

Wild Wisdom Integral is just this; it is of life and experience, gleaned from the crucible of the heart and the support of the whole body/mind; a whispered teaching, passed from teacher to student, through generations and eventually, millennium, transforming and evolving the Wisdom Teachings, in accordance to the times.


Events are offered in several learning formats:
  • private sessions
  • group sessions
  • public talks
  • guided urban meditation retreats
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Wild Wisdom Integral Offers:
  • Traditional Counseling informed by Somatic and Emotional Psychotherapies, Expressive Arts Therapy, Bioenergetics, and Vibrational Energy Medicine.
  • Contemplative Movement based on the body’s natural, organic wisdom base and developmental unfolding, which can lead to a deep psycho-spiritual exploration as outlined in Asaya Yoga.
  • Meditation for health and well-being as well as an expanded understanding of unfolding Spirit, as spoken of in World Wisdom Traditions.
  • Educational workshops and seminars such as The Full Breath, Mindfulness Here and Now, Bio-Emotive Somatic Therapy, Fundamentals of Integral Theory (and others) are available on request.

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"I call what I draw upon…Wild Wisdom
Spirit is not tame ….and…
The body/mind is not ignorant"
—N. Darlene Tataryn
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